IBF Net welcomes you to the world of Islamic business and finance. It is a global network of students, researchers, bankers and finance professionals interested in this exciting field. IBF Net as an online global community has been in existence for over a decade now. As an organization it was incorporated in India in the year 1999.

Among other things, IBF Net has sponsored the International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance (IIIBF) to undertake education, training, research and publication in the areas of Islamic Business, Finance and Microenterprise Development. IBF Net conducts regular personal contact seminars, workshops and training programs.



IIIBF plans to offer three new certification programs in the field of Islamic Social Finance.

(i) Management of Zakat
(ii) Awqaf Development and Management
(iii) Islamic Microfinance

Watch out for the announcement.

professional certification programs

The Certified Islamic Banker (CeIB) program  provides professional certification for bankers, finance professionals and students seeking a career in over three hundred Islamic banks and financial institutions. This could be your gateway into this sunrise industry that is growing at rate of 15-20 per cent per year.

The Certified Islamic Insurance Professional (CeIIP) program provides professional certification for bankers, financial professionals and students to seek a career in the Islamic insurance (takaful) sector.

The Certified Islamic Investment Analyst (CeIIA) program provides professional certification for bankers, finance professionals and students to seek a career as fund managers, equity analysts, investment advisors in an industry that has witnessed an asset growth of over fifty percent over the last five years and the number of funds crossing three-digit mark.



Netorking and sharing

IBF Net offers you a unique opportunity to network, share information and even discuss intricate issues relevant to the IBF sector.

It also allows you to specifically focus on areas, such as, zakat, waqf, Islamic microfinance by linking with the highly popular blogsite Sadaqa.In authored by Dr Mohammed Obaidullah

You may access all the blogs and papers here in PDF format.

You may also subscribe to its e-mail based forum at yahoo that currently has over 6000 members.

For more information contact: info@iiibf.org